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Nursery and Preschools

Maple Lodge Nursery

9 Moor Rd S, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1NN, UK – 0191 213 1066

Brandling Village Preschool

Disability North, The Dene's Centre, Castle Farm Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1PH, UK – 07545 128097

Ravenside Pre School

Ravenside Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 9UB, UK – 0191 275 3056

Primary and Secondary Schools

Gosforth East Middle School

Harewood Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 5JT, UK – 0191 285 5445

It was top notch

Gosforth Central Middle School

Great North Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1UN, UK – 0191 285 1793

Best school. Kind teachers. Good behaved kids and no bullies :)

Cragside Primary School

Cragside, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7EL, UK – 0191 266 8389

Long time since I attended, but was a great school!

Kids love it here

Public & Preparatory Schools

Westfield School

Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 4NH, UK – 0191 255 3980

Amazing school with good work ethic

Newcastle High School for Girls

Tankerville Terrace, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 3BA, UK – 0191 281 1768

Amazing facilities, two outstanding school mixed to make an even better school. Recommend to all parents

Newcastle High School for Girls is an amazing independent school in the North East. It is a private, girls' school and is known for its outstanding results-history and pastoral system.

Heaton Manor

Jesmond Park W, Newcastle upon Tyne NE7 7DP, UK – 0191 281 8486

Heaton Manor Humanities Disabled Toilet So this is a toilet I've only used twice, both times only as a last resort, which means I hold fond memories of the toilet as it has saved me, at least as much as it could have. The review will be on the basis that I've only used the toilet a couple times and didn't know at the time, on what I would be reviewing toilets on, so let's go. location: The Location for this toilet is a funny one, on one hand it's very close to where it has to be, which means it is perfect for when you don't have time, on the other hand, it is very accessible for everyone in School, which leaves the user very vulnerable. I think the con outweighs the pros here, as it puts the users on edge, not a great start, but not terrible. Atmosphere: This is where I go over my uses of the toilet and how it was, even though I only used this toilet twice, I have many memories. Once was at the start of the year, I was incredibly ill and being in history, very close to the toilet which we are reviewing today, I got to the toilet and sorted myself out, I was very aware of a class that was in full view of the toilets however, so I tried not to spend much time there, which ruined the experience, the second time of using was much the same, but I spent quite a bit more time there. The toilet is of a decent size, and is always well stocked with a reliable lock, but as previously mentioned, the location isn't ideal, it is the best option that's available in the school though. Overall: The Real let down for this toilet is the location, which really bumps down the score, however the rest is actually very good, the toilets are big, clean, and well stocked, this isnt redeamable, and actually bumps down the toilets score to make it the lowest scoring toilet so far, making this toilet a weak 3/5

didnt realise this was a school til year 11